What to Expect

If you are International or Multinational company or even a telecom:

You might already have your idea on how to go digital. You might also have your team to go digital live. What you might need is local expertise. Let’s say you have your own social media team, we can boost your team with effective digital buying through famous local websites and content or stories creation even trough celebrities and personals. Myanmar is a country with diverse culture which you might need diverse digital marketing effort.

We will help you made specific/niche marketing through digital with dialect language. As you might already aware that social media can target to high metro, metro, a bit of urban and semi urban. How about the rest??
We can help you create digital or VAS projects (with telecoms) that can target to the rest including semi urban/rural or rural area where 50% of population living there.

If you are local company with ambitious mission to go for updated digital environment:

We can help you guide through digital world. We can give you all in one solution starting from your company website, audio, video profile (we can even help you write one), social media, training your people, etc.,. Our service is as per your need.

If you are a digital service provider:

We don’t put anyone in the form of competition. We are creating a community to help out Myanmar digital landscape and therefore, we welcome any form of partnership if you value personal and organisational transparency like we do. If you are international service providers including but not limited to educational services on line, music streaming or VAS, play stores, agriculture related services, then don’t forget that you can come to us anytime for local content aggregation. Myanmar has high literacy rate of overall 80% in the country but not necessarily English reading and writing skills. We will be able to show you how to enter to market and can help you to start out the operation.

If you are an individual celebrity, author, or public figure:

Just come and have fun with us to be part of this digital landscape development in Myanmar.


Those who are flying with us: